Buying a House

Buying Your Dream Home

It takes some creativity to visualize a house as your home. Looking at older homes makes it even more challenging when you desire a 'state-of-the-art' modern home. The right guidance can help bring those two visions together and help you find your dream home.

Pick the Right Neighborhood

When buying a house you are not just deciding on that property but also deciding on the schools your kids will go to, your commute times, and more importantly the community your family will form bonds in.

I am well-versed with desirable pockets in different cities, intricacies of different schools and school districts, and the right neighborhoods where you can set down your roots.

Image by Kent Rebman

Spotting Opportunities

Truth is that most properties in our community are 50-60 years old. For a buyer, it is hard to visualize how one of these properties can become the home of their dreams. Sometimes it requires you to look at the larger picture and factor in things like floor plan, the street, construction quality, etc.

Don't let the disclosures scare you from making an offer on a house. I can help you identify an opportunity and help you think through the possibilities which are best suited for your family.  

Making the Strongest Offer

In a highly competitive market, it's not only the highest offer which makes the difference but the strongest one. When you find the house you would like to call home, it's important to have someone by your side who can help you write up a strong offer. There are multiple things to be considered when putting in a strong offer:

  • Getting pre-approved and underwritten

  • Optimal offer price

  • Close of escrow terms

  • Seller rent-back​

The Contract


In our community, it is common to expect counter-offers and multiple rounds of negotiations. It is important to factor this into the plan and be ready with a quick turnaround.

As your buyer's agent, not only I present a strong offer, I have all the data points ready to handle a quick response. Right from getting the latest comparable home sales data, working with your mortgage broker to show the strength of your offer or assessing impact to your mortgage. I remain in close contact with you during this process to quickly review any proposed changes and respond.

Making it Your Home

Once you have the property you like it is time to make it move-in ready. It is typical to add the latest upgrades and conveniences to suit your lifestyle. 

I can help you with a vision of how to renovate and/or modernize your home to best fit you and your family's needs while working with your budget.

Our relationship doesn't end with the transaction. Whether you need a plumber, an electrician, or a roofer, I will be there to make the best recommendations.

Home Improvement